Zoom launches a new feature for holding paid events

Zoom launches a new feature for holding paid events

Video conferencing service (Zoom) announced Zoom Today, Wednesday, a new method allows users to set up live virtual events that others can pay to attend.

And by launching the “On Zoom” option OnZoom The new service (Zoom) becomes more than just a competitor to companies such as: Google and Microsoft. After the massive rise with the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) COVID-19 that forced people around the world to work and study from home, Zoom has dominated the video conference market, and now it is competing with companies that sell tickets for live events, such as Eventbrite, Live Nation.

It was only recently that these companies focused on virtual events, after the pandemic around the world imposed restrictions on personal events. But unlike most competitors in the live event ticket market, the service will not deduct any commission from ticket sales; At least not during the general testing period for the new (On Zoom) option, which is expected to continue until the end of 2020.

The service initially sought to attract corporate customers, but with the outbreak of the epidemic it found itself required by a variety of users, until it became used to hold weddings, school classes, as well as the business sector.

And earlier this year, the service reached more than 300 million subscribers on daily calls. Shares of the company that owns the service have risen more than 600 percent this year, well above the S&P 500 index.

As the epidemic continued, gatherings such as poetry evenings and yoga lessons have moved to Zoom. Now the service gives the owners of these gatherings a way to charge a fee for attendance. The service’s website will provide a directory of events that people can join.

Wei Li – the head of the platform and artificial intelligence at Zoom – said in a press release on Tuesday: The service will not take any commission for the time being, but the company will consider the possibility of doing so next year.

Currently, users of the service must have paid subscriptions, be present in the United States to create single or recurring events through (On Zoom), attendees must have (Zoom) accounts, and be present in the United States to join the events. . The service will be available globally in 2021.

The service accepts payments by credit cards or PayPal. The number of people who can attend depends on the host’s (Zoom) subscription level. Organizers can hold events for free, or ask attendees to donate to specific nonprofits if they wish.

(Zoom) said: The high-quality data encryption, a feature that was announced last June, will become available to all users with a trial version next week.

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