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Zoom announces a new virtual events platform

Announced a company Zoom for New platform The live events that include in-person and virtual attendees called Zoom Events, are planning to launch this summer.

Zoom Events anticipates a post-pandemic world where consumers want to hold on to the flexibility and convenience of digital platforms, even as they return to normal life.

The platform allows users to build an event center to manage and share events, allocate tickets and registration, control access to bills, host events (free, paid and latest one-off or chain of events), bring attendees together through integrated networks, and track event statistics such as attendance and revenue.

Private events can be kept or posted in a public directory, and can be used with existing Zoom Pay meetings or a Video Webinar license.

Zoom Events is a natural extension of the Zoom platform, which has expanded its use beyond corporate video conferencing over the past year.

“At the start of the pandemic, we saw how Zoom was used for things we had never imagined before, like a chef giving cooking lessons or yoga instructors taking classes,” the company said.

In response to these new use cases, last year Zoom launched OnZoom in beta to help entrepreneurs and content makers monetize events by selling tickets.

OnZoom is now rebranded and included in Zoom Events,Events hosted via the platform can either be private or publicly searched and explored.

Zoom Events also serve use cases for larger entities, such as large companies that need to manage and host internal events (such as a one-stop meeting) or external events (such as a user conference).

It is noted that Zoom is not the only collaboration platform that designs its tools for virtual events.

Earlier this month, Cisco shared plans to make Webex Events a better tool for large-scale live events.

Last year, LinkedIn launched a offering that combines LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events.

However, Zoom is becoming somewhat ubiquitous and also a household name in 2020, as people have used the video conferencing platform to facilitate virtual meetings, classes, and birthday parties.

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