Zoom adds live copies to free accounts

Zoom adds live copies to free accounts

Announced a company Zoom announced its plans to launch automatically closed live versions of free accounts this fall, as part of its efforts to make the service even easier. Announced The company.

The videoconferencing company is offering the option of live transcription for all its users by the fall of 2021, with the goal of providing a platform available to all the diverse communities it serves.

And if you are a free account holder and need access to the feature before then, Zoom allows users to request manual access to the live copy feature by filling in This model Before the wider release.

“Given that we are expecting a high volume of orders, we value your patience as we work to make automatically closed direct copies available to all of our users,” said Jen Hill, Product Marketing Director at Zoom.

The feature currently allows hosts to enable captions for participants when the person speaks in a meeting.

Closed live transcription can be done via a third-party integrated closed caption translation service, host or designated meeting attendee for added accuracy.

Background noise, volume and clarity of the speaker’s voice, and the speaker’s proficiency in English, dictionaries and dialects specific to a geographic area or community may affect the accuracy of automatic direct transcription.

And the automatic voice-to-text technology is not a completely new feature for the platform, as the service previously provided live, AI-powered transcription for all of its paid accounts.

Otherwise, meeting hosts must add their own comments manually or use a third-party service.

The feature is now available to millions of people who rely on Zoom services for free, and the Zoom support page indicates that its live copy feature is currently only available in English.

The closed live transcription feature is also available via other videoconferencing services, such as: Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Microsoft Teams provides text only in English, and Google Meet can write explanatory texts in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Given how widespread the use of Zoom has been since the start of the pandemic, it would be a good idea for the platform to add more accessibility features.

Previous efforts to increase accessibility to Zoom included allowing meetings to install and spotlight interpreters in the call, as well as adding screen reader support.

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