Zeiss Android ZX1 camera sells for $ 6,000

Zeiss Android ZX1 camera sells for $ 6,000

Consumer electronics retailer (B&H) has sent an email to inform consumers that the much-anticipated Zeiss ZX1 is now available. For the initial request For 6000 dollars.

Was done Advertising About the Zeiss ZX1 camera in September 2018, Zeiss announced:Zeiss) At that time the specifications of the Android full-frame camera, which featured a 37.4-megapixel sensor.

It is noteworthy that this camera is not the first camera running on the Android system, but it was distinguished due to Zeiss’s partnership with Adobe to ensure that (Lightroom CC) runs directly on the camera screen measuring 4.3 inches and with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

According to Zeiss, the Zeiss ZX1 is designed to let you shoot, edit and share on the go.

Zeiss said in her announcement: The camera will be available in early 2019, but that has not happened, and the company has stopped talking about it.

And it appears, according to the email, that the camera will reach customers’ hands sometime in the near future.

The camera features a fixed 35mm lens with f / 2 lens slot, an electronic viewfinder and three dials to control the aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

You can’t change the attached 35mm fixed lens, but you get a full-frame sensor in a relatively small body.

There is also support for wireless network (USB-C) port and 512 GB of internal storage space with the latest Android versions.

This camera can be compared with Sony’s (RX1) compact cameras, which also feature full-frame sensors and 35mm Zeiss lenses with f / 2 lens slot, but its price is $ 3300, and it does not operate (Lightroom CC).

And the company put most of the controls inside the touch screen, which is where you can edit your photos using (Lightroom CC).

Zeiss is widely known for its excellent camera lenses, but the company does not make digital cameras.

The designation and the press release indicate that the (ZX1) will not be alone, and Zeiss says: The sensor is specially designed in-house.

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