YouTube permanently shuts down its sites for content creators Spaces

YouTube permanently shuts down its sites for content creators Spaces

Confirmed a company YouTube says permanent Spaces sites, which are designed to provide resources and networking opportunities to content makers, will not be reopened after the outbreak.

And with the pandemic pushing tech companies to embrace remote work en masse, the need for large physical websites may soon start to look like an outdated idea for internet companies.

Instead, YouTube says it is becoming a hybrid model that combines pop-up sites and virtual events, and the Spaces sites that will not reopen are in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo.

Although it was the epidemic that drove YouTube towards the default model, the shift away from permanent Spaces has been underway for at least two years.

Reports released in 2019 stated that the company was moving towards relying on temporary pop-up sites to give it the flexibility to serve content makers across a wider region.

The company said at the time: It was moving to shut down its permanent Spaces sites in Mumbai and Toronto, serving popup sites instead.

According to the company, the mix of virtual events and popup sites across YouTube has reached tens of thousands of content creators.

YouTube says: it organized more than a thousand virtual events last year, attended by more than 70 thousand people in 145 countries.

Meanwhile, 45 pop-up events have reached over 15,000 content creators in over 20 cities since 2016.

“We believe this new, flexible strategy allows us to reach more areas and positively influence more new and existing creators and artists by giving them the guidance and resources they need to take their profession to the next level,” the company said.

YouTube explained that it was running a virtual program this year for black artists YouTubeBlack # In the United States, United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil, and Australia.

The company continues to invest in the NextUp For emerging content makers in Russia, Japan, the Philippines, and Germany.

It should be there, too Workshops Live and recorded online, YouTube says: Events and pop-up experiences return after it becomes safe to run personal events again.

YouTube Spaces launched in 2012, providing content makers with a professional studio complete with equipment such as DSLRs, green screens, and lighting fixtures.

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