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YouTube is testing automatic product detection in videos

As part of one of the latest YouTube experiences, she is looking forward platform Video sharing extends beyond the products feature in this video that automatically detects certain elements and is able to create video links related to anything special.

YouTube is testing an automatic list of products that were discovered in the videos uploaded to the site.

As of March 22 this year, this test has been expanded to include people watching videos in the United States. According For YouTube.

The feature was tested early in the middle of last year, although this test was very small.

The early version of the feature focused on external links to stores that sell the items that were discovered within the videos, while this experience seems to focus on displaying more videos about specific products that the YouTube system can automatically discover.

A YouTube representative was introduced at Post More details on how to deploy this particular feature: We are experimenting with a new feature that shows a list of products discovered in some of the videos, along with related products.

He added: The feature appears among the videos recommended for viewers scrolling under the video player, and the goal is to help people discover more videos and information about these products through YouTube.

It is assumed that it is a move aimed at giving Google its part of the lucrative affiliate link market, while linking the trade directly to video uploads.

These lists can act as a second recommendation algorithm, as YouTube offers videos featuring similar products.

This feature places the YouTube platform in the same shopping space similar to what other social platforms offer, such as Instagram.

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