You are currently viewing YouTube is testing an app for Chromecast devices with the Android TV interface

YouTube is testing an app for Chromecast devices with the Android TV interface

It remained a broadcast experience The YouTube To a TV connected through Chromecast, mostly unchanged over the past several years.

And it seems that Google is now in the process of creating a YouTube app for the Chromecast, which comes after the release of Android TV.

Streaming the video from your phone to a TV connected to the Chromecast device downloads a video player that provides basic details, including channel name, number of views, date and time, in the lower left corner.

Once the clip is complete, you are returned to the Ready to watch splash screen with instructions.

And some users had the opportunity to enjoy a radically different experience, starting with the remote control that appears in the YouTube mobile app.

And the player allows users to change the precision, annotations, subtitles, and even access Stats for Nerds.

In addition, they can add new videos to queue or playlist.

Instead of going to the splash screen at the conclusion of the video, there’s a home screen with suggestions for what to watch next, like Android TV.

The ability to log in was also present via the Watch on TV link option.

At least two users have so far encountered the YouTube app for Chromecast devices, with Empower One of the users of Reddit from Google Chromecast Ultra to capture the Settings screen.

Users can clear their viewing and search history, as well as reset the app.

Meanwhile, another person has received the new UI via the third generation of Chromecast, and there is a huge increase in ads using this interface.

Through this new application, Google offers more powerful features – especially in terms of player controls – and interaction with the YouTube experience via broadcast, and there are advantages for shared browsing and the ability to do more on a larger screen.

The Chromecast YouTube app is still being tested. It is indicated that there are many ways to order Download clips from YouTube Without software.

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