YouTube is restricting more videos by age

YouTube is restricting more videos by age

Posed platform YouTube has more artificial intelligence technologies to identify more videos that may require age restrictions, which means that more viewers will be required to log into their accounts to verify their ages before watching.

Similar to how YouTube is using machine learning technologies to try to better spot violent extremism and more dangerous content on the platform Starting From 2017, the same approach will be used in this case to automatically report videos that YouTube deems inappropriate for your age.

As a result, the YouTube platform expects more pop-up videos with age restrictions, and the company is preparing for some errors in tagging, as is the case with any introduction of an artificial intelligence moderation technology.

As part of the changes, people who view embedded clips on third-party sites will be redirected to YouTube to log in and verify their ages.

Content creators participating in the YouTube Partner Program are concerned that these moderation measures may affect their potential to earn money.

YouTube opposes this concern, because the majority of videos that expect age restrictions are also likely to be imposed Violated Advertiser-friendly company guidelines, these sections will be Limited Or do not contain ads.

Another concern for content makers is that age-restricted videos will not appear on the homepage.

YouTube said: Videos that are age-restricted are less likely to appear on the homepage, but age restrictions don’t automatically prevent videos from appearing on the homepage.

The launch comes as the platform tries to address global criticism of it being unsafe for children, and the YouTube team says: The platform is not intended for anyone under the age of 13, according to federal privacy protection laws.

The company refers to the YouTube Kids platform as the safest alternative, and young children continue to use the YouTube app at home or anywhere else.

Some of the most popular channels create content for children, and YouTube’s trust and safety team currently imposes restrictions on videos when they encounter them during reviews, and in the event that the video is deemed inappropriate for people under the age of 18, it gets an age portal.

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