YouTube is expanding its firsts feature to increase channel promotion

YouTube is expanding its firsts feature to increase channel promotion

expansion platform YouTube feature premieres – used for previously recorded live streams – by adding support for trailers, redirects from past live shows and countdown timers.

The company says there has been an 85 percent growth in daily use of the feature from more than 8 million channels, and these additions may make premieres useful in more scenarios.

The feature is designed to offer some of the benefits of live broadcast via YouTube, such as live chat, but with control over the previously recorded video.

Content creators typically use the feature to promote an upcoming, pre-recorded video by creating a separate page where their fans can gather and chat before the new clip appears.

Use cases for firsts have grown given that the pandemic has made film festivals and conferences happen online

New changes are trying to capitalize on this momentum as online events have become the norm, with YouTube adding three new enhancements to the feature to make it more valuable to channels.

The first feature is called Live Redirect, allowing the creator to broadcast a previous live show before the new video is released and then automatically redirect viewers to the premiere before it starts.

YouTube imagines that this feature replaces the initial display so that viewers know and get excited about the upcoming video clip just before its release.

The second feature is called (Trailer) Trailers, which are short clips of 15 seconds to 3 minutes duration that channels can attach to the first show right before publishing it.

Commercials can be used to encourage potential viewers to set a reminder.

The company gives creators the option to set a special countdown timer for the premiere while adding additional customization options so that channels ensure the countdown timer matches their new video style.

YouTube says that content creators will be able to choose from a variety of traits and moods so that the timer matches better with the video content, rather than the YouTube default style.

According to YouTube, content makers can access new Live Redirect and Trailers features starting today, with a special countdown timer available at some point during the next few months.

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