YouTube extends Trump’s suspension for another week

YouTube extends Trump’s suspension for another week

Extended platform YouTube comment Channel President (Donald Trump) for an additional week after the previous temporary suspension expires, The Google-owned platform confirmed the extension, citing the potential for continued violence.

The number of subscribers to Donald Trump’s YouTube account was about 2.79 million, and the channel published several videos daily from right-wing media stations before commenting.

The company also continues to block comments from appearing in videos posted on his channel.

The temporary suspension means that Trump’s account and existing videos remain available, but he will not be able to download new content for at least another seven days.

The platform banned Trump from uploading new content on January 12 after removing a video in which he described Capitol hooligans as too special.

At the time, it also indicated concerns about the potential for continued violence, and accordingly provided an ultimatum to the channel, the equivalent of blocking anything new from downloading for at least one week.

YouTube officially warned the White House of its use of the world’s largest video platform after the violence on the US Capitol building by some Trump supporters in early January.

The company usually has a rule of three warnings, and the first violation leads to temporary account suspension.

The extension comes before inauguration day, when the United States transfers power to the next president, Joe Biden.

Law enforcement agencies and social media companies across the country alike are bracing for further potential organized violence.

YouTube implemented Trump’s first comment after he and the White House account uploaded a video clip during the January 6 attack, and showed it repeating false claims about the stolen election.

The YouTube platform said: It violates policies that prohibit content that incites violence.

In a new video released Tuesday afternoon entitled President Donald Trump’s farewell speech, Trump appeared to overcome his download ban by posting it through the White House YouTube channel, which has fewer subscribers but is still active.

The company has historically taken a more hands-off approach than competitors when it comes to moderating content.

By the time YouTube implemented Trump’s first comment, Twitter and Facebook had banned Trump indefinitely.

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