YouTube expands parental controls for teens

YouTube expands parental controls for teens

Announced platform YouTube about moderated experiences, a new set of parental controls that allow parents to have better control over what content their children can access via the video streaming platform.

According to a post, YouTube hopes that parental controls will help parents slowly familiarize their older children with age-appropriate content and features outside of the YouTube Kids app.

The upcoming feature targets those who may have pushed YouTube Kids’ limits, and the program is launching first with an early beta, with a wider beta release rolling out in the coming months.

Parents have three levels of restriction to choose from, which determine what content a child is allowed to view on their account:

  • Exploration level: Generally suitable for children nine years and older.
  • Explore further level: Intended for kids ages 13 and up.
  • Most YouTube level: allows almost everything except for age-restricted content.

People over the age of 13 can create their own accounts via YouTube without supervision in the United States and most other countries.

It is not clear exactly what content is allowed at which levels, but YouTube says: The level of exploration includes vlogs, tutorials, game videos, music clips, news, educational content, and more.

As the name suggests, the exploration level contains a wider range of videos, in addition to the live streams of the exploration level mentioned above.

The company says: The level of most YouTube includes sensitive topics that may only be suitable for older teens.

YouTube moderated experiences still rely on user input, human review, and machine learning.

The platform realizes that it will not be perfect, while admitting that it may make some mistakes, which is what happened through the YouTube Kids application.

New parental control options should help parents who have children who feel very restricted with YouTube Kids, but who are more vulnerable to exposure to the full YouTube experience.

YouTube can be a dangerous place full of wrong information, so it’s good to see Google give parents more tools to help make it easier for their children to access it.

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