Your car may be recording more data than you know

Your car may be recording more data than you know

Touching report A talk from NBC News explains how much data is collected by your vehicle, and how it can be used by police and criminals alike.

And when we think of Privacy And who has access to our location data, we often focus on our phones, not the device that actually takes us to places, which is our car.

Your car can collect all kinds of data without your knowledge, including location data, when its doors were opened, and even your voice recordings, depending on how recent it is and the capabilities it possesses.

The NBC News article uses the example of Joshua Wessel, a man accused of murder because the victim’s truck had a recording of his voice at the time of the murder.

The report also looks at a company called Berla, which set up a business by extracting that data on behalf of the police.

Generally speaking, it is difficult to guarantee any kind of data protection, simply because cars collect a lot of sensitive data.

Berla features the ability to read the unique identifiers of Bluetooth and wireless network devices that have connected to the car’s infotainment system, in addition to call logs, contacts and text messages.

But the infotainment data is not all it can read, as it can also look at the records kept by the car’s internal computer, detect when certain doors are opened, as well as provide a location record from the integrated GPS.

And it’s not just the police that are able to access this information, as the report stated that an Australian man used an app to access live data from his ex-girlfriend’s Land Rover.

Not only was this man able to access live information about the car, but he was also able to control it, start it on and off remotely, and open windows.

And many people do not think about the information their cars keep, as used cars may include information of the previous owner, such as: phone number and home address.

Andrea Amico, founder of Privacy4Cars, which creates a free app that helps people delete their data from cars, said: If you think about the amount of sensors in a car, the smartphone is a game, as the car includes the GPS and the accelerometer , The camera, the car knows how much you weigh, and most people don’t realize this is happening.

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