… a new search engine to rival Google … a new search engine to rival Google

Richard Socher, former chief scientist for Salesforce, who helped build the platform announced Einstein For artificial intelligence, for, which is A new search engine Challenge Google.

Socher said: We are building, which is a trusted search engine, and we want to work to increase confidence in clicks and reduce fraudulent clicks on the Internet.

And there are several major issues that have pushed Socher to build the new research tool Too much information, and not everyone can process it all.

Once you find this information, it is impossible to know precisely what you can trust. This problem has a huge impact on society as a whole.

Socher believes his background in artificial intelligence could help him build a consumer-focused research tool.

The search engine – although generic in nature – focuses on complex purchases, as you have to open several tabs to compare information.

He said: The biggest impact we can make in our lives right now is to build a reliable search engine with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help everyone make various complex decisions in their lives, such as the complex processes of purchasing products.

Socher wants to stand out from Google by not relying on ads and what you know about the user, and he said: He learned from working at Salesforce that you can make money while continuing to build trust with the people who buy your product.

The former chief scientist at Salesforce understands that it’s hard to compete with Google, but he thinks it can be possible to try by building something he thinks is completely different andIt’s difficult for Google to reproduce without undermining its basic income model.

He also sees that Google has antitrust issues, and that could help create an opportunity to start such a business.

Socher acknowledges that the elements of confidence and accuracy can become deceptive as users discover through social networks.

He suggested that some of the elements of social sharing that he plans to include in the search tool include allowing you to obtain a special address for in your name to facilitate participation.

Socher has finance and a team that is actively working on the product, without specifying the number of employees. Currently, you can go to the website and sign up for the early access opportunity.

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