You are currently viewing Yahoo Plus is a subscription platform that brings together the Yahoo Brands

Yahoo Plus is a subscription platform that brings together the Yahoo Brands

You want a company Communications giant Verizon is expanding Yahoo’s brand to all consumer-facing websites through a new series of subscription offerings organized around what Yahoo Plus calls.

Verizon Media Group, Verizon’s media division, has about 3 million people who pay for subscriptions through its portfolio of products related to the Yahoo brand, such as: Yahoo Fantasy, Yahoo Finance, and others.

The new move aims to rename most of its media franchises as Yahoo products, and to focus on selling subscriptions for these products through a subscription wallet renamed Yahoo Plus.

“Yahoo is the future of our consumer-facing brand,” says Joanna Lambert, head of consumer at Verizon Media Group.

“Over time, we are moving the non-Yahoo brands and centralizing them around Yahoo.”

The company changed its media studio brand RYOT to Yahoo Ryot Lab, as well as its female brand, Makers, to become Makers by Yahoo.

However, other media outlets like TechCrunch, AutoBlog and Engadget will not be renamed or rebranded.

These niche brands have now been incorporated across Yahoo into related categories, with MAKERS by Yahoo becoming part of Yahoo Life, Autoblog part of Yahoo Autos, and Engadget and TechCrunch part of Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance.

As part of the Yahoo Plus portfolio, Yahoo offers several subscriptions, including:

  • Yahoo Fantasy Plus: Fantasy Games’ commercial search and insight tools.
  • Yahoo Finance Plus: Offers levels for retail investors (Plus Lite) and veteran traders (Plus Essentials).
  • Yahoo Mail Plus: ad-free email plus personalization features.
  • Yahoo Plus Protect: Hardware protection and tech support plans in collaboration with Asurion, a hardware insurance company.
  • ExtraCrunch: A member-only community from TechCrunch that charges users to access investor surveys, market analysis, expert interviews, etc.

The company is also experimenting with Tastemakers, which gives users free access to premium brand features of a Yahoo subscription, such as investor reports.

The idea behind the Tastemakers program is to help attract more people to subscribe to Yahoo products.

Currently, all Yahoo branded products are offered as separate subscriptions, and the company may consider combining them in the future.

And for every additional subscription a user purchases within Yahoo Plus, they receive a greater discount for others, allowing consumers to mix subscriptions in order to create a very personal subscription experience.

It is reported that Verizon acquired Yahoo for $ 4.48 billion in 2017, and the deal was intended at the time to give Verizon a lot of data so it can sell targeted ads against a whole host of brands, including AOL, which it bought in 2015 for $ 4.4 billion.

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