XR1 AR Smart Viewer lets you install virtual screens on your walls

XR1 AR Smart Viewer lets you install virtual screens on your walls

Submitted a company Chipmaker Qualcomm is a new reference design for augmented reality glasses called the XR1 AR Smart Viewer, so you can connect it to a phone or PC via USB-C.

The company designed the XR1 Smart Viewer to be lightweight and somewhat similar to sunglasses, while enabling features such as: hand tracking and spatial awareness.

The first glasses based on this reference design should arrive in mid-2021.

The XR1 AR Smart Viewer is designed to be an accessory for phones and computers, and is not a standalone product.

It uses two OLED displays with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a refresh rate of 90Hz, as well as an array of cameras, to add the virtual overlay to the real world.

Array cameras can support hand tracking as a control method, and they can do things like mount a virtual window to the wall of multiple computer screens. And interact with it through gesture controls.

However, like most augmented reality glasses, it has a relatively limited field of view of 45 degrees, which is similar Almost for Microsoft HoloLens 2.

And Lenovo announced a product based on the XR1 AR Smart Viewer reference design called Glasses ThinkReality A3Which it unveiled at CES earlier this year.

ThinkReality A3 glasses are slated to launch in mid-2021 at a price that is not currently listed, on the heels of the business-focused Lenovo A6 sunglasses starting in 2019.

The XR1 AR Smart Viewer’s design features a pair of chipsets optimized for virtual and augmented reality glasses, and is designed for Perform some tasks using the built-in electronics, but it transfers other tasks to the external computing device, allowing for a lightweight design.

Qualcomm has spent the past two years pushing for augmented reality glasses, which it believes could spur the emerging 5G market by popularizing high-bandwidth mixed reality applications.

Augmented reality glasses have so far struggled to hit the mainstream, however, the ThinkReality A3 and any other products based on the XR1 AR Smart Viewer may end up competing with two major companies.

Facebook announced its imminent entry into AR devices last year, and plans to release a batch of smart glasses with limited AR-like features later in 2021.

Apple is also rumored to be making advanced virtual and augmented reality glasses that aim to build an ecosystem for developers.

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