Xiaomi announces MIUI 12.5 for its smartphones

Xiaomi announces MIUI 12.5 for its smartphones

Announced a company Xiaomi Chinese has announced the latest version of its MIUI 12.5 custom interface.

This new version follows the previous named version MIUI 12 with several massive privacy improvements, improved app processing, and the ability to receive notifications and do some work across connected Windows devices.

Xiaomi explained that the name makes the new update seem like a minor thing, but it is actually a big step forward, and the new user interface will be directed towards its phones in 2021.

The latest MIUI 12.5 improved aesthetics and visual design. The company’s CEO compared the interface to iOS, and said the transition effects are largely the same.

Xiaomi also boasts of being the company that offers the fewest system applications, compared to other companies, such as Apple, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo.

Backward development included rewriting the infrastructure so that the latest MIUI 12.5 uses 20 percent less memory and 25 percent less power, with background memory usage reduced by an average of 35 percent.

And speaking of apps, you get quite a few pre-installed apps for settings, camera, and phone calls, and no redundant software.

As in MIUI 11 and MIUI 12, Xiaomi has added another dynamic new wallpaper from the top of the Four Sisters Mountain in Sichuan, China, and it adapts to real life based on the actual weather around you.

There are also more customization of scenes and sounds, with multiple notifications coming in four different tones, inspired by different places around the world.

And when it comes to security, the latest version of the user interface allows you to prevent apps from accessing your clipboard, your site, and your private data and won’t save passwords or other sensitive information.

According to the roadmap released by the Xiaomi community, users of the company start receiving the new MIUI 12.5 update via the stable channel starting in April 2021.

Closed Beta version of MIUI 12.5:

First batch (released):

  • Mi 10
  • Mi 10 Pro
  • Mi 9
  • Mi 9 SE
  • Redmi K20
  • Mi 9T
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Mi 9T Pro
  • Mi CC9e
  • Redmi Note 7
  • Redmi Note 7S
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • POCO F2 Pro
  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Mi 10 Youth Edition
  • Mi 10 Lite Zoom
  • Redmi K30 4G
  • POCO X2
  • Mi CC9 Pro
  • Mi Note 10
  • Redmi K30S
  • Mi 10T
  • Mi 10 Ultra
  • Redmi K30 Ultra
  • Redmi 10X
  • Redmi 10X Pro
  • Redmi Note 9 5G
  • Redmi K30i 5G

The second installment (starting from mid to late January 2021):

  • Mi 9 Pro 5G
  • Mi CC9
  • Mi 9 Lite
  • Mi CC9 Meitu Edition
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G
  • Mi 10T Lite
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro
  • Redmi Note 8
  • Redmi Note 9 4G
  • Redmi 9T
  • Redmi 9 Power

Public beta of MIUI 12.5:

Released in batches from mid to late January 2021.

MIUI 12.5 Stable version:

The first batch starts at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021 and includes: Mi 11, Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10.

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