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Xbox collaborating with developer Call of Duty: Mobile

Xbox game studios collaborate from a company Microsoft with TiMi Studios, one of the world’s most profitable game makers and part of the giant digital entertainment empire of Chinese company Tencent.

Xbox Games Studios have partnered strategically with mobile developer TiMi Studios Call of Duty: Mobile and Honor of Kings.

It was not mentioned Advertising Brief whether the link to content development or distribution of the Xbox platform in China, but he said: It will reveal more details about the deep partnership by the end of this year.

Founded in 2008 in Tencent, TiMi Studios alone generated nearly $ 2.5 billion in player spending in 2020.

TiMi Studios brought in total $ 10 billion in revenue last year, according to To report Issued by Reuters.

This partnership could help TiMi Studios build a global name by turning their mobile games into Microsoft’s Xbox games.

TiMi Studios are trying to strengthen their brand and differentiate themselves from other Tencent game groups, such as their internal competitor LightSpeed ​​& Quantum, better known as PUBG Mobile.

TiMi Studios, which operates a branch in Los Angeles, said in January 2020 that it plans to triple the number of employees in North America, adding that building high-quality mobile games has been the basis of its global strategy.

There is evidence that TiMi Studios are hiring developers to develop an upcoming game Measured Against Oasis, a turn-based multiplayer online strategy video game set in ancient Egypt that combines civilization-style strategy and puzzle games.

The latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debuts soon in China, although the launch does not appear to be linked to Tencent’s deal.

Sony’s PS5 was launched in China in late April, and Nintendo is distributing the Switch platform in China through an exclusive partnership with Tencent since 2019.

And Chinese console players often turn to the gray markets for foreign releases because the list of Chinese games approved by local authorities is small compared to what is available outside the country.

But these gray markets, both online and offline, are subject to constant repression, and in March product listings by several major sellers of console games imported from Alibaba’s Taobao Market disappeared in March.

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