Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

(Apple smart watch) Apple Watch It is one of the most important wearables available on the market today, and since its first launch in 2015 has continued Camel It has been developed, but no cameras have been developed yet.

But the company (Wristcam) New bracelet launched Called (Wristcam) after 4 years of development, this bracelet includes a small device called (Wristcam) also contains two cameras that work with the Apple Watch to capture images and videos in high resolution directly from the watch.

The Wristcam bracelet has an elegant design that allows the camera unit to be separated from the bracelet so that users can change the color of the bracelet at any time easily, so the camera unit is available separately in four colors: black, white, gray and pink, and the WristCam bracelet is available separately. In 3 different colors: blue, purple and dark brown.

The company, Wristcam, which developed the bracelet, worked with Apple to obtain certification for the product, as it bears the logo (Made for Apple Watch), which means that it works with the Apple Watch very efficiently.

The Wristcam bracelet includes two cameras, the first: an 8-megapixel rear camera, and the second: a 2-megapixel front camera, both of which work with Sony sensors – such as: iPhone cameras – and both of them take high-resolution photos and 1080p video clips.

Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

Wristcam allows you to quickly take pictures while you are already participating in another activity without the need for an iPhone, it is a good idea to have a camera that allows you to take pictures when you go out for walks with your friends, or while you are jogging with the Apple Watch only.

How does a wristcam work with an Apple Watch?

You can install a Wristcam bracelet in the Apple Watch in the same way as you install the watch bracelet, as the bracelet is available in different sizes commensurate with the size of the Apple Watch case, and the bracelet includes a small device that connects to the watch via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so that photos or videos appear instantly inside (Wristcam) application in the watch screen.

The device includes a storage capacity of 8 GB, and contains a separate battery, the company says: “It can last for a full day on a single charge.”

You can take pictures and videos by just pressing the large button on the WristCam bracelet, as soon as you press this button, one of the two cameras will work, and you can press once to take pictures, and long press to record videos.

Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

Both cameras have LED lights that illuminate when taking a photo or video, so it’s clear when the device is on, helping you protect your privacy.

The device also offers a form of live video chat, but it’s not like: the FaceTime app on the iPhone, where Lee Roisman, CEO of WristCam, says: “The device works like a walkie-talkie – like Nextel phones. Old push-to-talk – but via live video, and you can watch videos directly or later, and you can send and receive videos, but not in real time. ”

Wristcam uses a proprietary media broadcasting protocol so that video is transmitted and received in a very short time. Currently, only WristCam users can communicate wirelessly via the watch, but the company says: “It will provide a video chat feature between Apple Watch and iPhone phones soon.”

Price and Availability:

Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

Wristcam is included with the camera unit At $ 278, But the camera unit is available separately at $ 229, and the bracelet is only available without the camera unit at $ 49, and new orders will be shipped in March 2021.

The company released an earlier version of This device was named (CMRA) in 2016, The company had received previous reservation requests on its website, but no CMRAs ever shipped due to design and manufacturing issues.

The company offered to all the people who booked the CMRA a refund, but the majority decided to wait for the new Wristcam, so the company has now started shipping these orders, and after completion it will start implementing new orders to ship to customers during the month of March 2021.

Are there other smart watches that support the camera?

You might think with the introduction of the Wristcam that this is the first time that a camera has been connected to a smartwatch, the truth is not so, because Samsung introduced a camera in its smartwatch 7 years ago.

Samsung watch was (Galaxy GearReleased in 2013 – the first smartwatch with a camera built into its bracelet.

Samsung Galaxy Gear watch

Then that camera moved to the top of the watch face in the second edition of the watch (Galaxy Gear 2) Which was released during 2014, but Samsung has abandoned the idea of ​​integrating a camera into its smart watch since 2015, and has not thought about it again until now.

Wristcam bracelet .. to take photos and videos directly on Apple Watch

Apple itself filed for a patent in 2016 to design a watch bracelet that includes a camera, so it’s possible that Apple has designed a prototype of its watch that includes a camera, but there is no news or rumors about this yet.

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