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Wolverine .. Google’s Secret Project to Give You Breakthrough Hearing

Working a company Google has launched a new project codenamed Wolverine, which is a wearable device that gives users superhuman hearing.

The company confirmed top secret technology For the news site Business Insider said: It’s been working on an in-ear sensor-enabled device since 2018.

The team revealed that the device allows users to focus on one particular speaker in a crowd as conversations overlap.

The team is currently trying to figure out how to isolate the voices of people in a crowded room or make it easier to focus on one person when overlapping conversations occur around you.

The goals of the Wolverine Project are closely aligned with those of Whisper, a company that develops a new audio system that improves over time.

Wolverine is designed with highly sensitive microphones that work via powerful algorithms that can identify who is speaking in order to block additional noise.

The project’s name, Wolverine, appears to refer to the famous Marvel character who has supernatural abilities. However, it is not yet clear whether or not the device retains the iconic name when released to the public.

Over the past years, the team has produced multiple prototypes of an in-ear device that can help the wearer isolate a specific sound in a crowded room.

The prototypes covered the entire ear, but the latest models got smaller. A Google spokesman said: The company is exploring the future of hearing aids, but he refused to provide details about the project.

The team also looks at the device not just as a single form factor, but as a successful business with multiple devices and models.

However, Google is not alone in this project. Facebook announced in 2020 that its research lab is working on developing voice enhancement technology.

The social media company aims to improve voice presence, as the sounds from speakers, headphones, or other devices cannot be distinguished from a source in the real world.

Researchers are developing perceptual superpowers, a technology that adjusts background noise and allows focus on the person speaking by tracking the user’s eye movements.

By analyzing eye and head movements, Facebook AR glasses with built-in amplifiers can determine what you’re trying to hear and cancel outside noise.

(Tony Miller) explains Tony MillerWe are exploring new technologies that can expand, protect, and enhance your hearing ability, giving you the ability to focus more, while allowing you to seamlessly interact with the people and information you care about.

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