Windows XP has a feature that makes it look like a Mac

Windows XP has a feature that makes it look like a Mac

Designed a company Microsoft is a secret feature of the operating system Windows XP (Windows XP) made the operating system similar to Mac OS.

Revealed Leaked source code For Windows XP, a story about Microsoft’s early work on the operating system and some unreleased features that the company designed during the early development phase of Windows XP in 2000.

One feature is called Candy, and it includes a design that closely resembles Apple’s interface called Aqua, first introduced at the Macworld conference and exhibition in 2000.

Although the secret feature is incomplete, the Start button (Windows XP) and the various buttons and user interface elements are clearly designed to match the Aqua interface from Apple.

Microsoft has never released the Candy feature similar to the Aqua interface for Windows XP, but it did use it in its initial source code. For the operating system.

And it seems that Windows developers have used the theme as a placeholder for building the theme engine for Windows XP.

The feature itself is described as being specifically designed for (Whistler), and bears the sign “For internal use only ”, and it was (Whistler is the codename for the Windows XP operating system.

Microsoft moved with the final version of (Windows XP) to the (Luna) theme in blue and green, and many called it (Fisher Price-esque) when the operating system was originally released in 2001.

The Theme Engine (Windows XP) was a major update to the operating system, allowing third-party themes to be triggered, as well as a lot of customization.

Microsoft was developing (Windows XP) during an era that witnessed fierce competition with Apple over desktop operating systems.

And Apple mocked Microsoft In the first decade of the twenty-first century through banners at its annual developer conference, “Redmond, start your photocopiers”.

Apple also launched an ad campaign called Get a Mac (Get a MacFocuses on Windows defects, especially Windows Vista.

Windows during the 1990s and 1980s was greatly influenced by the classic Mac OS And what later became (OS X).

Apple has also borrowed some Windows features, notably windows, navigation, control panels, and file and folder browsing.

It represents a leak of source code For Windows XP A rare insight into the early development of an operating system used by millions.

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