Windows 10x prevents unauthorized factory resets

Windows 10x prevents unauthorized factory resets

Come The next operating system from a company Microsoft Windows 10X with a new feature called Anti-Theft is designed to prevent unauthorized factory resets.

The new feature prevents thieves from scanning and reusing stolen devices.

And if a Windows 10 device is unlocked, anyone can go to Settings and use a feature called Reset This Computer in order to reset the device to factory settings. Virtualization.

When the anti-theft feature is in Windows 10X, the user must log in with the Microsoft account previously associated with the device or enter the PIN before factory resetting the device and using it as new.

Microsoft describes the feature in the Settings app: Anti-theft protection prevents anyone else from resetting and reusing your device, and when turning on anti-theft protection, you need to enter your PIN or Microsoft account password before resetting this device and reusing it.

You can set up the anti-theft feature in Windows 10x by going into Settings and then selecting the anti-theft feature, which keeps Find My Device, which helps you locate it.

And given that Windows 10X is designed for mobile devices, enabling the feature makes it difficult to reset, making new stolen devices a less valuable target for thieves and easier for you to recover when stolen.

In 2015, Microsoft used a similar feature called Reset Protection in Windows Mobile to protect devices when stolen.

It would also make sense for the company to migrate this feature to the regular Windows 10 operating system to provide additional security for unlocked devices, but there is no An indication that Microsoft plans to do so at the present time.

Windows 10X is a new, simplified version of Windows designed for security and performance, announced by Microsoft in 2019, and plans to launch in spring 2021 across a new set of devices.

Many details have been scarce so far, but thanks to the release of Windows 10X that was leaked last week, we can now take a look at the operating system and its features.

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