Windows 10 warns you if your drive is about to die

Windows 10 warns you if your drive is about to die

Featured in the latest preview version OS Windows 10 introduces a new feature that warns users if their SSD drive is in its latest stage, giving them enough time to copy it to a cloud storage service.

Build 20266 was released to testers in Dev Channel that contains a new Storage Health Monitor feature specifically designed to work with solid state drives (NVMe).

This new feature will issue a warning that the solid-state drive may be at risk of failure if its useful life is about to expire, and Windows 10 will also warn the user against backing up any data on the SSD drive with reasons.

In the blog post accompanying the release, Microsoft says: “It is highly recommended that users backup their data immediately after receiving any notification about their solid state drive.”

The notification will be linked to the properties in the (Disk and Storage Management) panel in the system settings, where you will be able to see more detailed information about the SSD in question, including an estimate of its remaining life and its operating temperature.

This could be a very useful warning for those who have invested in a fast NVMe drive for their computers. And earlier this year, Microsoft was forced to deny that a separate Windows 10 update was hurting User hard drive.

Moreover, version 20266 changes the Your Phone app, providing a center for managing all your associated devices, this means that you can easily remove the phone that you have connected to the app or add a new device and easily switch between your existing supported devices, and this feature will be rolled out to testers gradually, So you might not see it right away.

As always, there is a bunch of bug fixes applied with this update, and some also known issues that Microsoft completely details in Blog post Which introduces the new preview structure.

It is worth noting that the recent Windows 10 operating system update introduced a selection of old drivers that no longer exist and may affect the functionality of some devices, and users who obtained the update report problems in the system.

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