Wikipedia combats misuse of websites

Wikipedia combats misuse of websites

Preparing the institution that runs encyclopedia Wikipedia to launch its first global code of conduct today, Tuesday, in an attempt to counter criticism that it has failed to combat harassment and suffers from a lack of diversity.

And Maria Cefedari said: María Sefidari, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation: We need to be more inclusive, we miss a lot of voices, we miss women, we miss marginalized groups.

Online platforms have come under intense scrutiny due to abusive behavior, violent speech, and other forms of problematic content, which has led them to renew and enforce content rules more strictly.

And unlike Facebook and Twitter, the online encyclopedia, which has been in existence for 20 years, has largely relied on unpaid volunteers to deal with problems with users’ behavior.

Wikimedia said: More than 1,500 Wikipedia volunteers from five continents and 30 languages ​​participated in setting the new rules after the Board of Trustees voted in May of last year to develop new binding standards.

Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, said: “There is a process of change throughout the communities, and it took time to build the support necessary for the consultations so that people understand why this is a priority.

The new code of conduct bans harassment on and off the site, and prohibits behaviors, such as: hate speech, the use of insults, stereotypes or attacks based on personal characteristics, in addition to threats of physical violence and stalking or following a person through different articles to criticize their work.

It is also prohibited to provide wrong or intentionally biased information to the content, as it is considered Wikipedia is a relatively reliable site compared to the major social platforms that have struggled to limit wrong information.

The Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation said: The fears of some users that the new rules mean that the site has become more centralized and unfounded.

Wikipedia has 230,000 volunteer editors and more than 3,500 officials who can take action, such as blocking accounts or restricting edits to specific pages.

Sometimes complaints are decided by committees of elected users from the communities, andWikimedia said: The next phase of the project is implementing the rules.

The Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation explained that a code of conduct without an application would not be useful. There will be training for interested user communities and task forces.

Wikimedia has no immediate plans to bolster its small team of trust and safety, a group of about a dozen employees currently working on urgent matters such as: death threats or sharing information about people.

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