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Wikimedia launches a paid service for major tech companies

The Wikimedia Foundation creates Paid service New to data-driven companies encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The foundation plans to launch the service later in 2021.

Wikimedia Enterprise, as it is called, will not change how the current Wikipedia services operate.

Instead, it offers new options for companies that use its content, a category that includes giants such as Google and Facebook.

Wikimedia is still finalizing how the Wikimedia Enterprise operates. But it is generally similar to the premium version of the Wikipedia API, which is The tool that allows anyone to collect and re-host Wikipedia articles.

Enterprise customers can get data faster or format it to meet their needs, or have new options for sorting and disseminating it.

As (Lynn Baker) explains Lane BeckerCorporations may pay employees to sort Wikipedia data, and the Wikimedia Enterprise does this sort of sorting at the source.

And many large internet services are partially supported by Wikipedia, where Google’s knowledge boxes include information from the free encyclopedia, as well as voice assistants, such as: Alexa and Siri.

Given that web platforms try to combat disinformation, Wikipedia has become a primary source of fact-checking.

While some companies made donations to use free Wikimedia services, others launched large Wikipedia-supported initiatives without even telling the foundation.

The Wikimedia Frequently Asked Questions page insists that the Foundation does not compel large tech companies to pay to use Wikipedia.

One potential service allows companies to display the most reliable, community-vetted edits instead of the most recent, preventing false or offensive articles from accessing their own platforms.

The Wikimedia Enterprise team admits that it balances the business realities with the mission to provide free access to knowledge.

The team says: This is about establishing an activity that can succeed in the coming decades, weather any storm, and have a real chance to achieve the mission that was first envisioned in 20 years.

He added: We need more resources, more partners and more allies if we are to achieve the goals contained in our vision statement.

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