Wi-Fi 6E .. The biggest upgrade to wireless networks in decades is just beginning

Wi-Fi 6E .. The biggest upgrade to wireless networks in decades is just beginning

Preparing Wireless networks For the biggest upgrade 20 years ago with the Wi-Fi 6E standard, connections should be faster and more reliable because of it.

Many new phones, laptops, TVs, and routers should come this year with support for the new Wi-Fi 6E wireless standard, which is essentially the same as expanding wireless connectivity from a two-lane road to an eight-lane road.

And theseem The Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees the wireless network, has certified the first wave of products with support for Wi-Fi 6E.

Supported phones, PCs and laptops should start reaching the market in the first months of 2021. Supported TVs and virtual reality devices are expected to arrive by the middle of the year.

Some of the first devices are likely to be announced next week, as router manufacturers see what will be released this year during the exhibition. CES.

Samsung is also planning to announce its next flagship phones, the Galaxy S21 series, and it is possible that some, if not all, of them will support Wi-Fi 6E thanks to the Snapdragon 888 processor.

And given that the chip includes support for this standard, it is assumed that Wi-Fi 6E will be available on many of the best Android phones of the year.

The Wi-Fi 6E standard is a big upgrade as it relies on a massive expansion of the radio waves available to consumer devices.

In April 2020, the US Federal Communications Commission opened this new broad spectrum of frequency spectrum in the United States, but new devices were needed to take advantage of it.

About a year later, we’re starting to see devices with this capabilities, and current wireless network devices running across my range 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the new standard adds range The third is 6 GHz, quadrupling the total amount of waves used for a typical wireless network.

However, it should be some time before most new devices will ship with Wi-Fi 6E Not all new devices yet support the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which began appearing about two years ago.

Another obstacle is support from regulators around the world. The United States has agreed to use 6 GHz waves, but regulators in other countries need to agree on the frequency as well.

The Wi-Fi Alliance says: The United Kingdom, the European Union, South Korea, Chile and the United Arab Emirates have given the green light to allow the use of 6GHz.

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