Why does Facebook integrate all of its apps together?

Why does Facebook integrate all of its apps together?

Facebook announced last week that it had started integrating an app Messenger with Instagram messaging service To work through one platform, where the user will be able to send and receive messages without having to download both applications In his phone, and the company ultimately aims to integrate all of its apps together and expand end-to-end encryption across all of its services.

It is worth noting that (Mark Zuckerberg) CEO of Facebook announced for the first time his vision to integrate the feature of messaging through applications early last year. As the company ultimately seeks to integrate WhatsApp with Messenger and Instagram, and to expand complete encryption across the three services to facilitate the user experience.

These changes will be invisible to users, but for Facebook itself, it is considered a step Absolutely necessary To overcome calls from regulators and lawmakers in the United States seeking to dismantle the company, will it succeed?

Facebook has made a lot of changes and more to come:

The first steps in the application integration process started after the company announced last week that it is officially You will start using the messaging service of the Messenger app in the Instagram photo and video sharing app.

In addition to that, the company has also begun testing a unified account center that shows you its affiliate applications that you have logged into, as this will allow you to add a credit card in one place and you will be able to use it wherever you use the company’s applications.

The new center will serve two purposes, namely:

  • First, brands and influencers will be able to automatically post the same content through their personal accounts in these apps.
  • Second: Saving payment card data will make it easier for people to shop on Facebook and Instagram right after syncing Facebook Pay, regardless of the app in which they view the ad.

At a glance, we will find that the most important advantages of this approach are to make the process of dismantling the potential company more difficult. If at any time the Federal Trade Commission plans to force Facebook to separate WhatsApp and Instagram from its main Facebook and Messenger applications, Facebook will argue that there is no longer an application named WhatsApp or Instagram. These names will only refer to their respective GUIs, and there is only the Facebook app.

Where these simple steps help the tech giants – such as: Facebook, Google, and Amazon – to increase their power and influence on the user, through some simple changes they circumvent antitrust laws, and their position in the market increases.

Of course, if you approach the issue of integrating Facebook applications from the point of view of the user rather than the organizers, we will find that this step is very welcome, as many people use both Facebook and Instagram separately, but now you can use all the features of these applications from one platform.

Meanwhile, Adam Mosseri, Instagram President, said in an interview last week: “What we are trying to do is find out how we can provide a comprehensive service to users that provide the most value for them, because this is the main reason for developing our services.”

Mosseri provided two responses to the reasons for Facebook’s move to integrate its applications, the first is: to reduce the operating costs of applications by developing the feature once for all applications instead of developing them more than once for each application separately, and the second: This step will help increase the popularity of the Facebook application Same among messaging apps.

As Mosseri said:The announced steps are necessary to help Facebook compete in the messaging app market as well. ”

Accordingly If the government now tries to force the dismantling of Facebook, it will be more difficult after these steps taken by the company, and this is what Mark Zuckerberg has been seeking since last year.

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