WhatsApp will delete your account if you do not share your data with Facebook .. Here are the details

WhatsApp will delete your account if you do not share your data with Facebook .. Here are the details

If you use the WhatsApp application, you may have noticed a pop-up window while using the application in your phone at some point during the past two days, asking you to agree to update the privacy policy of the application, and of course you immediately clicked on the button at the bottom to continue.

But did you read the new terms and know what they mean to you?

If you read closely; You will know that users will have until February 8, 2021 to read and agree to the new terms, and If users do not accept the new privacy terms that appear on their screens, their WhatsApp account will be deleted effective February 8, 2021.

It is possible that you are not the only one who has agreed to the new terms without reading them, however the changes to the privacy policy of the WhatsApp application – which has more than two billion users now – are important and you must be aware of them, and they include the following: Integrate better with Other Facebook productsProvide a space to interact with businesses better, and collect users’ financial data.

What data does WhatsApp share with Facebook:

The WhatsApp application collects a lot of data related to the account such as: phone number, your account picture, and your usage patterns – which include: the features you use, the groups you joined, how you interact with others within the application, and other information such as: the use of the status feature – the device data, etc. Lots. You can see all the data that the application collects about you through an article: “What data does WhatsApp collect about you and how do you enhance your privacy?“.

Most of this data was restructured into different sections in the old versions of the privacy policy, but in the new update to the privacy policy, the company added a new section called (Transaction and Payments Data) that includes the users’ financial data that is collected.

It is a step from it to improve and develop various payment services on Facebook to allow you to pay for different goods. This leads us to the integrations that Facebook makes between its various services and products to improve ad targeting.

The updated policy states that WhatsApp will share the data it collects About you with other Facebook companies, which include: your account registration information such as your phone number, transaction data, information related to the service, information about how you interact with others (including: companies), and your IP address and may include other information specified in the privacy policy section entitled “Information Which are collected “or” obtained upon notice to you or on your consent. “

as such The updated policy also suggests that it may It sends you marketing materials about the Facebook companies. In addition, the company will use your data collected from the app and other Facebook services to provide content suggestions, people recommendations, and advertisements along with service improvements.

Interaction with business activities:

Many businesses depend on WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and customers, so the company has launched a version of the application dedicated to business activities called (WhatsApp for Business) WhatsApp Business, which allows merchants to communicate with users of the application through additional commercial features.

It has grown significantly over the past few years, as the number of its users has reached more than 50 million users, and to increase this number, WhatsApp will allow companies to integrate other services into the application.

Where Facebook says: “It works with businesses that use Facebook or any other party to help store and better manage their communications with you on WhatsApp.” As part of it; Third-party apps may be able to read your communications on behalf of the business you interact with.

Furthermore it; Third-party services that you use within WhatsApp may be able to obtain some of your information. For example: Your in-app video player might know your IP address.

These new WhatsApp changes come on the heels of the controversy indicating that the WhatsApp app collects much more data than iMessage from Apple, and after the lawsuit filed by 10 states against Google last week, and accordingly. Reported The Wall Street Journal that Facebook And theGoogle They agree to cooperate and assist each other against antitrust measures in the event of an investigation into their agreement to work together on online advertising.

You can read the updated privacy policy for WhatsApp Through this link.

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