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WhatsApp update 2022 responds to privacy policy rumors

WhatsApp 2022 update responds to privacy policy rumors..The WhatsApp update is one of the common matters that many users of this application around the world are talking about, after Facebook announced the release of the new WhatsApp update, which will be launched for us next February, as this update has some features through which it can be collected Some data about users.

WhatsApp update
WhatsApp update

WhatsApp update

Some rumors have been launched in the recent period among many users of Facebook and WhatsApp about the collection of personal data that the new WhatsApp update will do, but Facebook responded to the critics that Facebook WhatsApp does not have the ability to directly view personal messages between users And some of them also do not have the ability or the right to listen to voice calls that are on the Messenger application or on the WhatsApp application.

Where all conversations and calls that take place between family and friends at work through the WhatsApp application enjoy full encryption between the two parties, as no person can obtain personal messages other than the two parties to the conversation only, in order to preserve identity data.

WhatsApp chat privacy

The WhatsApp application clarified that it does not save any records of the identity of users or people who are contacted through the application, although all mobile companies around the world keep these records, as the WhatsApp application sees that the process of preserving the identity of users causes the loss of privacy rights and exposure of the user at risk.

The WhatsApp application also announced that it is unable to save your location that you share in WhatsApp conversations, as the site is sent with end-to-end encryption technology for the company’s databases, and it cannot open the site other than the two parties to the conversation only.

WhatsApp contacts

Contacts that have conversations on WhatsApp on the social networking site Facebook are not used, as the WhatsApp application protects these parties and cannot send to any of the other social networking sites.

But the WhatsApp application accesses the numbers in order to look at these numbers and to improve the performance of correspondence significantly to be more accurate and effective.

The WhatsApp application also enjoys a great level of privacy for group messages, where group membership is used for the purpose of delivering messages only and protecting people from unwanted messages and misuse, but the application confirmed that users’ data is never shared with the Facebook application.

The user can activate the feature of self-hiding messages so that the messages disappear quickly in order to enhance privacy and security, as these messages disappear after a certain period of time after the end of the conversation.

Correspond with business activities and the nature of WhatsApp business with Facebook

The WhatsApp application confirmed that millions of people from different parts of the world are communicated daily on commercial activities through this application in various forms and needs, and complete privacy is provided to users on this application, as the application wants to do the process of improving marketing operations for users while providing privacy at the same time.

The application clarified that the hosting provided by Facebook is different from the activities of family messaging and friends, as sometimes commercial activities require communication with customers, and therefore they introduced commercial activities in the new WhatsApp update.

User data is used only in the case of communicating with a person about a commercial product, where the new WhatsApp update can see the content of the business only through your call or messages on the WhatsApp application only, and also to ensure the level of privacy, the WhatsApp application will send you a confirmation message before the new update.

WhatsApp update

The application explained that the new commercial features that have been added to the application enhance the volume of online shopping and also increase the effectiveness of the stores that the Facebook application has provided to it, whereby merchants can display their goods through the WhatsApp application in the current period in order to increase the volume of marketing activity. The application explained that These products are closely related to the advertisements that may be available on the Facebook application.



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