WhatsApp gets a new feature to reduce annoying chats

WhatsApp gets a new feature to reduce annoying chats

Developers continue Facebook Improving the WhatsApp application as the application witnesses the arrival of a new simple but very useful feature. The new feature aims to help reduce annoying chats that will not stop.

The regular version of the WhatsApp application already provides the ability to mute conversations for a certain period of time, and now the developers have replaced one of the current options in the application, as the mute option for one year has been replaced by the option (always), and this way you do not have to worry about annoying conversations anymore.

According to the (WABetaInfo) platform, the new feature is available for testers of the beta version of WhatsApp for Android devices and has version

Other new features of the current beta include removing the communication functions in chats with verified business accounts and in contact information, however, it is still possible to contact companies via the profile icon and contact list, and it is not currently clear whether this option will Make it available to everyone or is it just a bug in the update.

The feature that was shown a while ago, which gives WhatsApp users a better overview of the storage space used, may be more useful in daily use, as many testers miss the new information page yet, but with the new beta version, this should change.

With an overview of storage usage, messenger users have a clear and simple way to find out how much space files are taking up on their smartphones, so this feature is the basis on which the WhatsApp storage feature will be based if you want to clean your stored files.

WhatsApp developers are preparing a new set of tools that will give you greater control over how the app uses valuable storage on your phone. We’ve learned this feature has been coming since August, when investigators discovered (WABetaInfoHidden menu in app installation files displays a large number of new options to help you manage your downloaded media. At the present time, the data and storage options in the WhatsApp application available through the settings menu are inappropriate to use, as you can only know how much space is used on your phone, and for individual chats, you have an option to delete or leave all downloaded files.

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