WhatsApp gets a great new feature … Here are the details

WhatsApp gets a great new feature … Here are the details

WhatsApp is one of the most popular app Applications Used in our daily life, it is the most used instant messaging application in the world despite the presence of a large number of competing applications, as the number of its users reached more than Two billion users Around the world this year.

As a result, we find that the Facebook company that owns the application launches from time to time new features that make the application more user-friendly, and according to a recent report the application has obtained a much-needed feature (support for its use across multiple devices), as this feature allows the application to be used at a time. Same across multiple devices and real-time syncing, as featured in the latest beta version of the app, and competing apps; The most famous of them: the Telegram app.

Below we will review what this new feature is and when it will be widely launched:

in a month Last August, WABetaInfo, a site specialized in analyzing trial versions of the WhatsApp application, has discovered a feature that allows users to access their WhatsApp account on 4 different devices at the same time. gizmochina Also, the feature to support multiple devices is in the final stages of testing.

The launch of the (multi-device support) feature will allow WhatsApp users to access the same account on different devices at the same time, and messages can be synchronized across these devices in real time, allowing users to continue conversations even when switching from the WhatsApp application on their phones to the desktop version on their computer. Mobile.

Although this feature is an essential component of some competing chat programs, support for multiple devices has not yet reached the WhatsApp application, however, WABetaInfo confirms that this feature will be launched soon for users.

The site has been shared A screen shot It is claimed for the new WhatsApp desktop interface that displays the recent chat history from a smartphone, as the UI screenshot also shows that the message sync process is secured with (end-to-end encryption) technology.

WhatsApp gets a great new feature ... Here are the details

In order for the multi-device support feature to work, it appears that users will have to set the Linked Devices feature on the New Settings page, and this page is currently available to beta testers, indicating that WhatsApp may launch this feature to the general public in the next beta version.

It is worth noting that the site itself has Indicated earlier However, the application will soon introduce a new user interface for the storage partition, and it will allow you to easily see and delete large files that you may not need to store in your device anymore.

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