WhatsApp criticizes the new privacy stickers from Apple

WhatsApp criticizes the new privacy stickers from Apple

stated Report from the Axios website that Instant Messaging Service WhatsApp responded to Apple about the new privacy stickers for apps in the App Store.

WhatsApp criticized the move, and said: It is unfair because it does not cover Apple’s iMessage messaging service, which comes pre-installed in the company’s devices, and is not found in the App Store.

According to the Axios report, the Facebook-owned messaging service provided its privacy label information to Apple on Monday. Published questions and answers It specifies what each label means in terms of collecting service data, and why it needs this information.

“We believe that stickers should impose stickers on first-party and third-party applications alike, as well as reflect the strong measures that applications may take to protect people’s private information,” WhatsApp told Axios in a statement.

Although WhatsApp says that giving users easy-to-read privacy information is a “good start”, she added that “it is important for users to compare the privacy stickers of the applications they download with previously installed applications, such as: iMessage.”

Apple introduced a set of privacy features for the first time when it announced the iOS 14 operating system, but the concept of “food labels” aimed at increasing users’ privacy did not arrive when the new operating system was launched last September.

And last November, the US technology giant announced that it would ask developers to provide information for these “stickers” as of December 8th.

Similar to regular nutrition labels that are placed on foods that list ingredients and calorie content, these privacy “stickers” give users a better idea of ​​what is happening inside the app before downloading it from the App Store for iOS or the App Store for computers. (Mac).

The stickers will list the information the app collects, and visually present this on the app page, just like looking at the back of the stickers at the grocery store.

And warns Apple Developer Site That said, developers will be required to disclose all information that they and their third-party partners collect, and they will also be required to keep their ‘stickers’ updated. For example: if an application needs to know the user’s exact location in order to function, this will be known before downloading it.

If the location tracking functionality is removed, the new label will have to reflect that change. Apple offers some exceptions when disclosing these stickers is optional, but the important thing is to know that if there is an application that intends to constantly track the user, it will be known before it is downloaded.

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