What is WhatsApp’s plan to tighten account security?

What is WhatsApp’s plan to tighten account security?

While being used Implementation WhatsApp is very popular on mobile devices.There are also desktop apps available in addition to the web app, however, and since the messaging service is currently – at least – tied to your phone number, you still need to have your phone nearby for authentication before you can Log in to WhatsApp on your computer.

The current method of authentication involves using your phone’s camera to scan a QR code on the screen to access your account, but this procedure may be annoying and leave your account vulnerable if your phone is stolen, but WhatsApp may change that.

Although the current method of logging into the web and desktop applications via a QR code is not completely cumbersome, you need to take your hands off the mouse and keyboard, pick up your phone, and then activate the code via your viewfinder.

In the latest beta version of the WhatsApp application for Android system, (WABetaInfoReferences showing the ability to log in with your fingerprint, which may not be remote.

This new method of logging into web and desktop applications in WhatsApp has some important advantages:

  • More secure
  • Eliminates the risk of someone finding your phone and logging into your account.
  • Much faster, because simply touching your phone is much faster and more convenient than having to pick it up and look at the camera.

It’s hard to say when this feature will be rolled out to all WhatsApp users, but we will keep you informed once we learn more about it.

It is worth noting that the WhatsApp application announced in the summer of 2016 an unprecedented change, which is the activation of the (end-to-end encryption) setting by default for all users who were more than a billion people at that time, and with this step the messaging application became The encrypted instantaneous application is the most widespread in the world, and since then the number of its users has increased around the world until they reached more than two billion users this year.

But despite this, there is some data that the application collects about you, which it may share with the company’s other applications, namely: Facebook and Instagram, according to some reports. So you can learn what data WhatsApp collects about you and how to enhance your privacy by reviewing the topic from Here.

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