What is the main function of Gmail that Google accidentally deleted?

What is the main function of Gmail that Google accidentally deleted?

Gmail does not currently allow you to identify certain messages in bulk, which makes managing your mailbox a nightmare, as the problem is that Google deleted this functionality by accident and it seems that we will not get it back immediately, and this of course It makes users angry from Google.

Traditionally, Gmail offers a basic function for managing your inbox. This function allows you to select messages that you can archive, categorize, delete, and mark them as read, or you can take the action you want.

But today, surprisingly, users using this vital function found that it disappeared from the Gmail interface without any explanation.

The most surprising thing is that Google did not want to delete this post, and it was assumed that it was accidentally deleted during the update or maintenance work, as the company publicly apologized to its users and announced that it was investigating what happened.

Google said: “We are working on reviving the Gmail function that allows you to identify all conversations that match this search as soon as possible.” “The feature was removed unintentionally,” Mountain View said.

While Google is working to restore this functionality, Gmail users who want to keep their inbox clean can use a trick that uses a mail filtering system – it’s a very messy trick and it’s not as straightforward as the missing function, but it works in emergency situations.

  • Click the drop-down menu in the right corner of the Gmail search bar to open the advanced search menu, to create a new filter.
  • Select the action you want to apply to messages in the search filter, for example: Mark as read, then activate the filter application also on matching conversations.
  • Register and you’ll see that the action will be applied to messages that match the filter’s advanced search.

And don’t forget to clear the filter after using it; Otherwise, all future messages that match the advanced search filter will undergo the same procedure.

And if you delete a Gmail contact and only later realize what a big mistake you made, you can relax as long as you made the change in the last 30 days, and no matter how many contacts you add or delete, Gmail keeps a 30-day record of each contact in the address book. So if you accidentally delete one or more contacts, all it takes is a few clicks to get them back. You can read the full topic at Here.

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