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What is Tawakolna application and what are its uses?

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Tawakalna application is an application submitted by Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence It comes within the framework of supporting government efforts to limit the spread of the emerging “Corona” virus, and its uses continue to expand to include services wider than just an application to manage the Corona crisis.

Tawakolna application services

Corona Vaccine Service

A service that enables the user to book an appointment for the Corona vaccine after confirming its eligibility

Agency data review

A service that enables the user to review his agencies registered with the Ministry of Justice

Digital identity

A service that enables the user to view his digital identity through the application

Health passport

A service that confirms that the user has completed all the required doses against the Corona virus

Mobile number verification service

A service that enables users to define their own mobile number

And many other services that I know about it on The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence websitea

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What is the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence?

Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence Known for short as Sadaa (SDAIA), Is a government agency Saudi Arabia It was established by royal order on August 30, 2019, and is directly related to the Prime Minister, while its Board of Directors is headed by the Deputy Prime Minister. National Information Provides high-performance digital services to the Saudi community.

Sadaya works on developing the Saudi Data Strategy, plays a role in creating various economic sectors, and undertakes the tasks of developing Saudi cadres in the field of data.

On March 26, 2020, the authority entered the date with its first operation Virtual G20 summit Through preparations that were completed in less than a week, it also built a secure visual communication system for a number of government agencies to hold their meetings remotely, and merged and unified more than 80 government data sets.

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