What is Parler and how does it relate to the US elections?

What is Parler and how does it relate to the US elections?

Since the beginning of this November; Acquisition News American Elections On all audio, visual and readable news sources, and many applications have appeared, including: Parler social networking application which tops the list of the most free applications downloaded in my store App Store And theGoogle Play In the United States, what is Parler, how does it work, who are its users, and why has it found such popularity in this particular period?

First; What is Parler app:

It is an application for social networking Founded by two American programmers In Nevada, USA, in 2018, the application describes itself as an alternative to other social media sites that do not allow freedom of expression and that monitors opinions posted on their sites, such as: Twitter and Facebook.

With the escalation of the events of the US elections in 2020, the Parler app has become very popular, especially among supporters of President Donald Trump, who fought the presidential race against Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s candidate for the presidency, as major social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, tightened rules to reduce misinformation Posted on their sites, many users claimed – without evidence – that the new rules were targeting Trump supporters to silence them.

And while we find that the social networking application Parler was established two years ago as a social media platform, it did not find heavy use until after it Twitter alerts President Trump’s tweets as unconfirmed or misleading.

Where the social networking application Parler found heavy use of people looking to freely express and publish without validating the facts. 2.8 million A user as of July 2020, and has recently acquired more than two million new users, according to the statement of the application’s founder.

According to Sensor TowerOn November 8 alone, Parler received an estimated 636,000 downloads on the App Store and Google Play stores in the US, and the same company estimates that the Parler app has received more than 980,000 downloads in the US since Election Day, and in total, the app has been downloaded. About 3.6 million times.

Who uses the social media app Parler?

Most of the application users are those who are only looking for a new way to express freely without stopping to use other social networking sites, as we find many politicians, community stars and President Trump supporters are using the application, knowing that most of these posts on Twitter and Facebook are controversial and classified as misleading or misleading posts. liar.

How is Parler app different from other social media sites?

At first glance, you will find that Parler is very similar to Facebook, Twitter and Reddit applications, but when you use the application, we find that everything looks very messy, especially the main interface, as for the other features, the application provides the feature of following other users, documenting accounts, sharing content, liking and other basic functions of social networking sites.

In addition, the app seems to be promoting specifically for influencers who are looking for ways to appear to users more, as the app includes a section called (Discover) that offers content from only those influencers.

Will the app last for long and compete with other apps?

At the present time it is difficult to predict this, as the application finds great popularity among users in the United States of America, and ranks fourth in List of popular free apps In the United States now.

But perhaps the biggest factor that determines the future of the app is President Donald Trump himself, as the majority of the content on the site revolves around it, and now that most indications say that he has lost the presidential race in favor of his rival, Joe Biden, it is not known how the application will survive in the future.

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