Western Digital doubles portable SSD storage

Western Digital doubles portable SSD storage

Doubled a company Western Digital The maximum storage size of many of its portable SSDs is 4 TB, and the Western Digital SSD range previously reached 2 TB.

New portable SSDs are designed to meet the demands of today’s high-quality content and give consumers and professionals more room for creativity

The four discs now give gamers, content makers, and creative professionals the performance, durability, and most capacity they need to store and transfer their files.

The 4 TB storage configuration is available under the My Passport and WD_Black brands of Western Digital, along with the Extreme sub-series from SanDisk.

All products also include a five-year warranty.

The My Passport SSD from Western Digital, which was updated last August, has read speeds of up to 1050 Mbps and write speeds of 1000 Mbps. Starting at $ 680.

My Passport SSD is shockproof and vibration resistant, and is drop-resistant up to 1.98 meters, and comes in a range of colors, including gray, blue, red, gold and silver.

Western Digital’s 4 TB WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD is selling for $ 750, and includes read and write speeds of up to 2000MB per second.

This external WD_BLACK P50 Game Drive SSD is compatible with PCs, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox.

And if you’re looking to buy this as an external SSD to expand storage via PS5, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S, there are some caveats.

This disc can connect to the PS5 system, but you can only store PS4 games, andAlthough it works across the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S devices, this gaming disc is not compatible with the SSD expansion output for those platforms to take full advantage of the next generation hardware.

Currently the only SSD that takes full advantage of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S devices is Seagate’s Expansion Card, which comes in only 1 TB.

The 4 TB SanDisk Extreme disk costs $ 700 and promises transfer speeds of up to 1050MB / s for reading and 1000MB / s for writing.

This disc features drop protection of up to 2 meters and is IP55 water and dust resistant.

The fastest option, 4 TB SanDisk Extreme Pro, costs $ 750 and offers read and write speeds of up to 2000MB per second.

The aluminum body acts as a heatsink to provide higher steady speeds.

Western Digital says it is expected to launch all of these products later this quarter on its website.

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