Waymo and Daimler are involved in developing autonomous semi-trailer trucks

Waymo and Daimler are involved in developing autonomous semi-trailer trucks

The commercial truck unit of the company (DaimlerGerman Daimler, Inc. (Waymo) Waymo Sister For Google Tuesday: They will collaborate on the development of Class 8 autonomous semi-trailer trucks, by applying Waymo’s automated system to the Daimler Freightliner Cascadia semi-trailer.

Referred to as the 8 Series trucks include semi-trailers and other large commercial vehicles with a carrying capacity in excess of 14,969 kg.

The partnership is accelerating the race to put heavy motorized trucks into service, with a handful of powerful teams chasing commercial customers seeking to reduce dependence on human drivers.

And he said (John Kravsek) – CEO of Waymo – during a conference call: It will take some time for major suppliers of Class 8 truck hardware to develop the braking, steering and other technologies required to bring a fully automatic system to the market in large quantities. “These are very long timetables,” he added.

The deal is seen as yet another win for Waymo as it seeks to convince more established automakers. Waymo has also worked with US truckmaker PACCAR, whose brands include Peterbilt and Kenworth, but said it does not have a formal development agreement with Bellevue, Washington.

Daimler Trucks North America, whose brand includes Freightliner, Western Star, and rival PACCAR together account for more than 70 percent of the heavy-duty Category 8 truck segment in the US, according to John Stark, Stark’s Truck & Off Service Editor. -Highway Ledger Newsletter.

Martin Daum, president of Daimler Trucks, said: The agreement with Waymo does not change the German company’s previously announced plan to spend 500 million euros on developing automatic trucks. Dom and Roger Nielsen, president of Daimler Trucks North America, said Daimler’s domestic efforts to develop an automated truck driver would continue.

Waymo has been working on autonomous vehicles for more than a decade, being part of Google before they both became affiliates of Alphabet Inc. The group initially focused on automated taxis, but in 2017 it created Waymo Via to build a freight delivery service using automated commercial vehicles, including: heavy trucks.

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