Was the Parler app that Trump supporters relied on hacked?

Was the Parler app that Trump supporters relied on hacked?

Last week, tweets appeared on Twitter claiming that Parler – a social media app that has grown in popularity among supporters of Donald Trump since American Elections Previous – was hacked, and that After a screenshot of the application’s database appears on the Internet indicating that it has been compromised.

But the CEO of the app has vehemently denied the allegations, but rumors are still circulating online. Where some researchers confirm that the application has been hacked, while others insist that the application has security flaws that will be revealed soon, and with the continuing conflicting news and rumors, everyone is wondering: Has the application really been hacked?

What are the details of the Parler app hack?

Rumors increased after a tweet emerged – Now deleted Data Scientist (Kevin Abush) Kevin Abosch The tweet spread quickly on Twitter, causing many journalists and cybersecurity professionals to scrutinize the allegations of the hack and the evidence supporting it.

Where their reports showed that the database that appeared to be developed is actually related to the application, but in fact it is a WordPress registry for the official Parler application blog, which was breached in the previous July and the company has already fixed the vulnerability and the reports showed that the blog does not contain user data.

However, there are claims of a separate security flaw that resulted in more than one leak 6.3 GB From the data of the application users, these allegations come from many security researchers on Twitter, including: (Jackie Singh) Head of Cybersecurity For the Joe Biden presidential campaign, and (John Jackson) Shutterstock Application Security Engineer, et al.

These allegations come with the announcement of a plan to reveal their findings during the coming period, and it is also clear that the experts have noted that the problem at hand may not be related to the penetration, but at the same time they confirmed the existence of an alleged security vulnerability in the application. This proves that there is no solid evidence that the Parler app has been hacked, but there appears to be serious issues with how the app’s handlers handle user data.

So far, there is no confirmed evidence of application penetration, but no social media platform can be 100% trusted, as customer data has become the most important thing for any company now, and security experts always warn us that Companies mishandle user data all the time, and if a company works to secure the data well, this data can easily leak in several ways, for example via a third-party company server that is not well-secured.

It is worth noting that the Parler application is a social media application that uses my word (freedom of expression) as its slogan, and it witnessed a widespread spread coinciding with the start of the presidential race in the United States during this year, as it attracted many users who found it a suitable place to publish their opinions that are removed On the Twitter and Facebook platforms, as it is not reliable or classified as incorrect information.

You can learn more about the application in an article: What is Parler and how does it relate to the US elections?

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