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Volvo makes self-driving cars safe

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Innovate Engineers in a company Volvo cars manufacture what they call a simulator Autonomous driving, And that To help them improve vehicle safety and autonomous driving technology.

Volvo has a very long history of vehicle safety innovations, andThe Swedish company’s new driving simulator provides a groundbreaking mixed reality simulation.

The device comes with a movable driving seat and steering wheel with haptic feedback and virtual reality glasses.

Volvo engineers say: The driving simulator makes it difficult to distinguish reality from simulation, which is the goal of its construction.

Volvo is using the latest gaming technology to bring the simulator to life, as it believes gaming technology can help make self-driving cars safe.

The technology behind the driving simulator uses the real-time 3D development platform Unity, plus the technology from Varjo for virtual and mixed reality.

The simulation involves driving a real car through real roads that combine high-resolution, real-life 3D graphics with an augmented reality glasses and a full-body Teslasuit suit, which provides haptic feedback from the virtual world while monitoring physical reactions.

Software and hardware allow Volvo engineers to simulate fewer passing scenarios through a real test track while safely using a real car.

The system also allows engineers to gain important insights into the interaction between drivers and the vehicle to develop new features for safety, driver assistance and autonomous driving.

Test drivers can be exposed to envisioned active safety and driver assistance features, upcoming self-driving interfaces, future car models, and many other scenarios.

The system can also be used via a real test pathway without putting anyone at undue risk or in the test lab with fully customizable and varied scenarios.

Volvo recently demonstrated a self-driving simulator, and engineers note that testing is crucial when developing safety systems for vehicles.

Testing systems in the real world can be dangerous, time-consuming and costly Moving the test to the virtual world saves a lot of time and money.

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