Volkswagen wants compensation for the chipset shortage

Volkswagen wants compensation for the chipset shortage

He said Spokesman a company German Volkswagen cars on Sunday: The company is in talks with its major suppliers about possible compensation claims due to a semiconductor shortage.

A Volkswagen spokesperson added: For Volkswagen, the top priority is to minimize the effects of a semiconductor shortage in production, and the company wants to solve the problem in close cooperation with its suppliers.

But the spokesperson added that this exchange also includes examination of compensation claims with its suppliers, Among the car suppliers affected were Bosch and Continental, which rely on chip suppliers in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Sources in the industry said: Volkswagen had informed its suppliers shortly after the first shutdown in the spring that it had boosted production to pre-pandemic levels again.

The sources pointed out that the semiconductor manufacturers have shifted production to other industrial sectors with high growth rates, such as consumer electronics, causing a shortage of chips for customers in the auto industry.

The magazine reported Automobilwoche Volkswagen is in talks with alternative suppliers of semiconductors, but there are concerns that this could lead to higher prices.

The magazine reported that Volkswagen wanted to ensure Bosch and Continental share the burden and partially compensate the company for the incurred additional costs.

A Bosch spokeswoman said: The company is currently focusing on maintaining supply chains as much as possible. She added: We are discussing all aspects of semiconductor shortages directly with our customers and suppliers in a timely manner.

German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier urged his Taiwan counterpart (Wang Mei-hua) to: Taiwanese chip manufacturers persuaded to help ease semiconductor shortages in the auto industry Which is hindering its economic recovery from the Corona virus pandemic.

Altmire asked Wang to address the issue in talks with the Taiwanese semiconductor maker TSMC, the world’s largest chip maker and one of Germany’s major suppliers.

Berlin now plans to increase state support to increase semiconductor production capacities in Germany and Europe in order to reduce dependence on Asian suppliers and avoid similar problems in the future.

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