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Volkswagen designs its own chips for self-driving cars

Volkswagen will not accept ready-made computing power with its self-driving cars, company president Herbert Deiss told Handelsblatt in Interview: The German company plans to design its own high-performance chips For self-driving cars Besides the required software.

Deiss said: It is a matter of getting the best possible hardware, as this move gives Volkswagen greater efficiency in identifying its processors, similar to what happened with Apple and Tesla.

Des added to Handelsblatt: To achieve optimum performance in light of the high demands of cars, the software and gear must be manufactured by one company.

The German automaker will not build the semiconductor itself, but it does want to acquire patents, and the company’s software division, Cariad, will expand to develop the relevant expertise.

The move will not give Volkswagen an advantage in terms of supply, which has been an ongoing problem for carmakers in the face of growing demand from nearly every manufacturing sector that uses electronic components.

Instead, it is a response to Tesla, which can incorporate custom-designed chips, allowing the US company to develop new features faster than its competitors.

Such a move could be key to Volkswagen’s goal of becoming a more flexible and intelligent brand in technology.

This step allows for the elevation of Volkswagen as a self-sufficient company that does not depend on others in creating its technology, as well as the ability to define standards and features of autonomous driving technology, and a lack of commitment to designers from other companies.

Tesla relied on Nvidia’s standard hardware for previous cars, but switched to dedicated chipsets that give it more control over how it develops fully autonomous driving and autopilot.

Likewise, much of Apple’s increased performance benefits are attributed to its in-house processor design, as it can create CPUs that fit the ideal product strategy rather than shaping phones and computers around another company’s chip roadmap.

And you have to wait a while to see the results of Volkswagen’s design work, as the company doesn’t expect self-driving cars to enter until 2025 or later.

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