Voice direct messages are arriving soon on Twitter

Voice direct messages are arriving soon on Twitter

Started platform Twitter is testing voice direct messages, so that it is experimenting with the idea of ​​allowing people to record voice messages and send them through direct messages to friends and family members on the platform, similar to what is found on Facebook and Instagram.

Alex Ackerman Greenberg explained (Alex Ackerman-Greenberg), Product manager for Direct Messages on Twitter that the company will soon be testing audio direct messaging.

Brazil will be the first country to be included in this test, and Greenberg said: We know that people want more options for how to express themselves in conversations on Twitter, both public and private.

Similar to Voice Tweets, Voice Direct Messages feature a simple interface, where there is only a play and pause button, and the sender’s avatar pulses while the message is playing.

The product team designed a built-in recording experience to make it easier to send these messages as part of the normal conversation flow, which makes them different from the current audio-to-Tweet interface.

And there is a “report message” option in case someone misuses direct voice messages, which is always a concern with private audio files.

Twitter received major criticism after the announcement of the podcasts, when it became apparent that the company had failed to address accessibility.

We launched something that shouldn’t have been launched without this conversation, Dantley Davis, head of design, said in a recent interview.

“We now have a full-time accessibility team within product development, and that includes engineering and design, and we have also changed our product development process, so that accessibility is always considered while conceptualizing features, and hopefully there will be a new development process as Twitter continues to develop messaging,” Davis added. Vocal.

The new test comes after the introduction of podcasts for iOS in June, in which people can post a voice tweet of 140 seconds, along with 280 characters as text.

Each audio tweet includes up to 140 seconds of audio, and the audio can only be added to the original tweets, and users cannot include it in replies or retweet with a comment.

People see audio tweets appear within the timeline with other tweets, and Twitter hopes that voice tweets allow for a more human experience.

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