Vivo announces OriginOS with a comprehensive redesign

Vivo announces OriginOS with a comprehensive redesign

Announced a company Vivo at its annual developer conference in China about its new Android-based user interface called OriginOS.

The new OriginOS UI follows the previous FuntouchOS UI.

The new user interface focuses on a reimagined system of widgets, advanced gestures, and memory enhancements, along with visual improvements.

The new interface features a complete design overhaul that prioritizes widgets and their arrangement in a grid-like layout.

The widgets can update themselves with notifications called nano alerts, displaying notifications from the app within its widget.

Vivo says in a statement: The OriginOS UI is built around three limits based on the requirements of smartphone consumers: design, sleekness and comfort.

She added: The new user interface re-employs familiar features with exciting new designs to provide the ultimate smartphone experience.

Of all the user interfaces based on the Android system, Vivo FuntouchOS has always been the most cloned for iOS, with a similar notification design, color palettes, and the use of transparency.

OriginOS ‘widget-based approach isn’t far from what Apple introduced this year with iOS 14.

Vivo says the miniature tools are inspired by Huarong Dao, the Chinese variant of Klotski’s puzzles.

The home screen can be easily rearranged even if there are many widgets of mismatched sizes.

The company also claims that the new UI will be less resource-intensive compared to its predecessor FuntouchOS, with fewer RAM requirements.

Vivo has brought Multi-Turbo 5.0 technology, which focuses on improving RAM by combining it with internal storage space, so that 12 GB of memory can be used as a memory with a capacity of 15 GB.

Vivo said: There are 26 groups of gestures that start with a tap at the bottom of the screen, and there is also a SuperCard, which can be called from everywhere – even when the screen is off – to make quick and easy payments via mobile devices.

Vivo did not say anything about the release date, but did display a mockup of the working user interface over its current flagship X50 phone.

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