Vietnam threatens to close Facebook due to censorship requests

Vietnam threatens to close Facebook due to censorship requests

A senior official at the American social media giant said Agency Reuters: Vietnam has threatened to close down Facebook In the country, if it does not succumb to government pressure to censor more local political content via its platform.

The official explained that Facebook complied with a government request in April to significantly increase censorship of anti-state posts from local users, but Vietnam asked the company again in August to tighten restrictions on important posts.

“We reached an agreement in April, and Facebook adhered to the agreement, and we expected the government of Vietnam to do the same, but the government tried to urge us,” the official said. On increasing the volume of content we block in Vietnam, this request came with some threats about what would happen if we did not.

The official noted that the threats included shutting down Facebook altogether in Vietnam, a major market for the social media company with nearly $ 1 billion in revenue.

Facebook has faced increasing pressure from governments over content policies, including threats to impose new regulations and fines, but has avoided bans in all but the few places where it has never been permitted to operate, such as China.

The ruling Communist Party in Vietnam maintains strict media censorship and does not tolerate dissent Despite comprehensive economic reform and increased openness to social change.

In response to questions from Reuters, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: Facebook should abide by local laws and should stop publishing information that violates traditional Vietnamese customs and violates state interests.

A Facebook spokeswoman said it had faced additional pressure from Vietnam to censor more content in recent months.

In its semi-annual transparency report released on Friday, Facebook said it had restricted access to 834 personnel in Vietnam in the first six months of this year, following requests from the Vietnamese government to remove anti-state content.

Facebook, which serves about 60 million users in Vietnam as the main platform for e-commerce and the expression of political opposition, is under constant government surveillance.

Reuters reported in April that Facebook’s domestic servers in Vietnam were shut down early this year to comply with government demands.

Facebook has long faced criticism from rights groups for its excessive compliance with requests for government censorship.

Vietnam tried to launch local social networks to compete with Facebook, but it did not achieve any popularity.

Facebook was hit by a 14-month negative media campaign in the state-controlled Vietnamese press before it reached its current stalemate.

And she said (Ming Yu-huh) Ming Yu HahDeputy Regional Director for Campaigns at Amnesty International: Facebook has a clear responsibility to respect human rights wherever it operates in the world, and Vietnam is no exception, but the platform gives Priority to profit in Vietnam, and failed to respect human rights.

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