US court agrees to speed up the appeal of the Tik Tok ban from stores

US court agrees to speed up the appeal of the Tik Tok ban from stores

A US appeals court agreed on Wednesday to expedite the Justice Department’s appeal of a ruling barring the government from blocking sales Application (TikTok) The new TikTok from the US app stores.

And issued US District Court Judge (Carl Nichols) in Washington, D.C., a preliminary injunction on September 27 forbidding the US Department of Commerce from ordering Apple app stores and Google to remove the Chinese-owned short video sharing app to prevent new users from downloading it.

A US appeals court in Washington said: All the warrants are scheduled to be submitted by November 12, with oral arguments submitted. She is due to present the government’s opening note on Friday.

ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns the app, has come under pressure to sell the popular app. The White House confirms that the application TikTok raises national security concerns, as the Chinese government can obtain personal data collected from the 100 million Americans who use the application. Any implementation deal will still need to be reviewed by the US government’s Foreign Investment Commission.

It is also reported that negotiations are currently underway between (Walmart) Walmart and Oracle to obtain stakes in a new company, called TikTok Global, that will oversee TikTok operations in the United States.

But the key terms of the deal – including: who will be the majority ownership – remain in dispute. ByteDance also said: Any deal needs China’s approval. Beijing has revised its list of export-banned technologies in a way that gives it a say in any tik tok deal.

Nichols plans to hold a hearing on November 4 on allowing the US government to block transactions with TikTok, which it has warned will effectively ban the app’s use in the United States. These restrictions are scheduled to take effect on November 12.

A federal judge in San Francisco has prevented similar restrictions from taking effect, which would prevent the use of Tencent’s WeChat app. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday on the government’s request for immediate implementation of the ban on the Chinese messaging app.

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