Urgent .. Google services stopped in several countries

Urgent .. Google services stopped in several countries

Many services suffer a company Google commercial and personal from stopping in many countries around the world at the present time, while it seems that Google.com itself is still working albeit slow, and third-party ads are still appearing in the results.

The discontinued services include Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Adwords, Adsense and Google Pay, according to reports so far from across Europe, the United States, Canada, India, South Africa, and countries in Central and South America and Australia.

Are presented platform DownDetector’s Downtime Monitor spikes in reports of service outages starting 11:30 am UK time.

The Gmail email service displays a message indicating that there is a temporary error, and the service says: Sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes.

YouTube crashes, the video site fails to load, and users see a message saying: Oops, something went wrong.

As of this writing, Google has not officially recognized the problem, and indicates Status page There is a significant outage in all its services.

In addition to affecting YouTube viewers and companies that rely on Google Workspace, users have reported that the gadgets integrated with the Google Assistant are having problems.

The widespread use of Google services led to big numbers through the DownDetector platform, as the number of users reporting problems with YouTube increased to more than 100,000.

However, YouTube still appears to work if you visit it through the incognito feature without logging in.

And it appears that third-party apps and services that depend on Google services have also been affected, and DownDetector says: Pokémon Go is experiencing a major outage.

The pause means that more than 2 billion users currently do not have access to email inboxes, cloud storage, and documents.

Google experienced a major outage in August, which also led to the suspension of its group of services over the Internet and YouTube, and it took Google about four hours to restore the situation to normal for some users.

Its products were also interrupted in the last month, which is an unprecedented failure of a system that has grown to become one of the major engines of internet traffic.

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