Update to iOS 14 may remove Fortnite from iPhone

Update to iOS 14 may remove Fortnite from iPhone

The Fortnite game developer warns players on iPhones that they may lose access to the popular game when updating to System The new iOS 14.

And as He responded in a tweet From the (Fortnite Status) account, Fortnite players who update iPhones to iOS 14 may lose access to the game, and if a message appears Do you want to remove apps temporarily to install the software update? Accepted, this command may delete the game, and the game cannot be reinstalled later as Apple is preventing users from doing so.

Apple is giving people the option to remove apps temporarily to make way for their major system updates. But due to Fortnite expelled from the Apple App Store, people who already installed the game may not be able to re-download it if it is removed to make room for the new iOS 14.

In a follow-up tweet, the Fortnite account suggested people should press Cancel first, then go to Settings, then General, then Storage, in order to free up space on iPhones.

Apple is in a public legal battle with the developer (Epic Games), as Fortnite was expelled from the App Store and Google Play Store in August, after Epic tried to exceed the 30 percent fee for Apple and Google developers. Epic responded by filing lawsuits against the two companies.

The iOS 14 update was released on September 16 and includes many new features for iPhone users, including the new Smart Stack widget and the ability to customize the home screen of your iPhone.

(Epic Games): The game (Fortnite: Save the World) will not be playable on (macOS) starting September 23; Because Apple is preventing the game from receiving new updates. The game was initially released – as a paid and early access game – in 2017, and the company says: The most popular free-to-play Fortnite Battle Royale game will still be playable on Mac. (Epic Games) says: Apple is blocking new updates and patches for the macOS version of Fortnite: Save the World.

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