Twitter: You can’t tweet that you hope Trump dies

Twitter: You can’t tweet that you hope Trump dies

Put platform Twitter Reminder To people, tweets that wish or hope for death, serious bodily harm, or fatal disease are not allowed against anyone, in other words: You cannot tweet that you hope Trump dies from the Corona virus.

President (Donald Trump )’s positive corona virus test has made the Twitter platform a crowded place over the past 24 hours, as many tweets publicly wished Trump would die of the disease caused by the Coronavirus

Twitter said: The Tweets that violate this policy should be removed, and made clear that this does not mean that the account is automatically suspended.

The platform added: We prioritize removing content when it contains a clear call-to-action, which has the potential to cause harm in the real world.

The platform’s comments come after several news outlets incorrectly said: Users will be suspended automatically.

Trump wrote on Thursday evening on the Twitter platform that he and his wife (Melania Trump) had tested positive for the Corona virus.

White House doctor Sean Conley issued a note confirming the positive results of SAR-Cov-2, which is often known as Corona virus.

Trump was seen on a helicopter on Friday evening Vector To Walter Reed Medical Center for several days of treatment.

The diagnosis led to a decline in stocks on Friday on the main stock exchanges, including the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

The news put a lot of pressure on all major US indices, with the heaviest being on technology stocks.

The actual rule that applies here under Twitter’s offensive behavior policy is very clear, and it speaks of the desire or hope to cause serious harm to a person or group of people.

The rule says: We do not tolerate content that desires, hopes, or expresses a desire for death, serious physical harm, or fatal disease against an individual or group of people.

This includes the hope that someone will die from a serious illness, such as I hope you will get cancer and die, or I hope that someone will fall victim to a serious accident, or I hope you will be run over by a car next time.

It also includes the statement that a group of individuals deserves serious bodily injury, such as the statement “If this group of protesters did not remain silent, they deserve to be shot.”

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