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Twitter wants your opinion on how it deals with the accounts of world leaders

Seeking platform Twitter for public comment on whether world leaders should abide by the same rules as other users.

And the platform wants feedback on what kind of app they think would be appropriate when a global leader violates the rules of engagement.

“Politicians and government officials are constantly developing how they use our service, and we want our policies to remain relevant to the ever-changing nature of political discourse on Twitter and protect the health of public conversation,” the company said in a blog post.

Twitter explained that it is also consulting with human rights experts, civil society organizations, and academics around the world on this issue, and their responses are reflected in future reviews of the policy.

And remains The poll Open until April 12, Twitter said: It is moving in the coming days to release versions in 13 other languages.

The survey asks respondents what kind of action the program should take when political candidates or elected officials spread disinformation about an election and violate the site’s rules multiple times.

Another question asks what Twitter should do when, by default, a high-ranking government official from another country makes false claims about untested treatments for the Corona virus in the users’ country.

The survey also asks how to deal with situations when officials tweet false allegations about the Corona virus in their countries.

The poll covers hate speech and threats of violence from world leaders against citizens of their own countries and citizens of other countries.

Every hypothetical situation Twitter poses in our survey notes whether this is the global leader’s first violation or repeated offense.

And in January, after two days of bloody riots in the US Capitol, Twitter permanently suspended the account of former President Trump due to the risk of further incitement to violence.

Facebook, which suspended Trump’s account indefinitely, referred the case in late January to the oversight board.

The oversight board has the power to overturn Facebook’s decision to ban Trump from the platform, and its decision is expected in the coming weeks.

Next week, Jack Dorsey, along with the CEO of Facebook and the CEO of Google, will testify before the House Energy and Trade Committee.

The hearing focuses on the spread of disinformation across internet platforms and how false allegations related to the Coronavirus have had real consequences for public health.

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