Twitter wants to describe the wrong information more clearly

Twitter wants to describe the wrong information more clearly

Trying platform Twitter Making the labels you add to the wrong information more straightforward, as the social media company rethinks how these labels appear.

And theHe said Yoel Roth (Yoel Roth), Head of Website Safety Department at Twitter: The company is exploring changes to the little blue notifications it attaches to erroneously certain Tweets, to make these signals more visible.

New efforts include testing a more visible reddish-purple color, Roth said, as well as work to determine whether users who post error information consistently will be reported.

Twitter began adding the labels to fabricated media in early 2020, and expanded its labels to include incorrect information about the Corona virus and misleading tweets about the elections.

In September, the platform announced that it was moving to classify or remove posts claiming to win the elections before validating the results.

Research that undermines the idea that corrections can reinforce people’s beliefs about wrong information has helped make Twitter rethink how its designations could be more meaningful, Roth said.

Twitter’s labels are hailed by some misinformation experts as a long overdue solution, but its implementation has drawn criticism from researchers for being too slow.

It took Twitter about eight hours to add labels to Trump’s tweets about the mail vote the first time it ranked them in May.

But the platform got faster later, compiling two Trump tweets in September within two hours.

Twitter reduces the reach of all Tweets marked as misinformation by limiting their visibility and not recommending them in places, such as search results.

The wrong information experts said: disabling Twitter in August to retweet Trump’s rule-breaking tweet had a clear effect on its spread, but that effect was too late.

Twitter takes into account the number of Retweets, Shares and Views to prioritize the content to be reviewed for maximum benefit, and the platform is exploring how to predict which Tweets may spread quickly.

Twitter has classified more than a dozen of President Trump’s tweets for rule-breaking reasons since it first compiled his tweets in May.

Responding to a question about how Twitter monitors high-profile users, such as Trump or his presidential rival (Joe Biden), Roth said: We don’t focus specifically on individual accounts or individual account holders.

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